Chris and Rollo

Chris and Rollo

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The lingering is as always
Brooding, confidently patient
As what is expected
Shall turn and face, fully
Defiant, equally confident
As what is unexpected
Shall make itself scarce
Scarcely known, more to the point
Less available, for IT
Knows the lingering is static
Knows the waiting is forever
Knows the air is thick with distrust

The brooding is always
Lingering, darkly insufficient
To manifest a real hatred
To support any real love
In the turned face of seclusion
Hiding still in distant shadows
Unaware that the feeling has stopped
At the knees and the toes have numbed
And the disinterested in the cold
Unaware of fate's fatigue
Unaware of deep time's darkness
Unaware that sleep has been overcome.

© Celeste Plowden 2010

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  1. My name is Don Striano (Dino) I'm an actor musician who spent hundreds of hours playing music witn Chris before and after Chelsea and I never thought I would come across such a beautifull page for him. He was always a great fiend and inspiration and a truly crazy and wonderful man to be around. We had little contact since the late 70's ; I remarried and took off to Ct. where Kate and I now live. I am so happy he found someone like you to share his life with and I am saddened it was so tragically short. He did burn very bright while on this plain. . All love to you and thanks to you again for posting. If you have any desire to chat or meet I;m on FB along with contact info. I would love to see some pictures and know more but I certainly do not wish to intrude.