Chris and Rollo

Chris and Rollo

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Through inhaling reeds,
Exhaling rushes, the bending
Voice in sweetness, moist
Music, directionless and poignant
In its unmaking, its
Unraveling melody
In perfect tonelessness
And inharmonic pureness,
The grand pristine fugue
Delivered on angels' rhythmic
Wingbeats, droning siren chants,
The singing rocks, warbling
Jetties and pool tones
Muted, hinted at by
Passing, cooing birds
A furry swish at hushed
Riverbank, soothing downward
Swallowing of mud and tall grass
The trout's glinting sunlit
Back, chimes of breaking water
Splash to shoreline patter
The heaving, swaying loom
The sparkling chatter of heron,
Loon, geese aloft
Unbounded tune, tonally
Unbridled, sweet and soft.

© Celeste Plowden 2010

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